People Skills For
Technical Environments

Our programmes on people skills for those within a technical environment take a practical and relevant approach for leaders and managers. We design and deliver workshops, coaching and online sessions that facilitate self-awareness and understanding, leading to long-term behaviour change.

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Personal Growth

Participants are taken on a programme of learning new skills, personal growth and insights. We develop leaders and managers, enabling them to be the best version of themselves and supporting them to role-model best practice throughout their teams.


Training Programmes

We are passionate about getting the best from people. We can advise, guide and offer innovative and creative solutions which are designed to move your business forward, by nurturing people, fostering great teamwork and delivering effective results for the organisation.

Our bespoke workshops are interactive, experiential and impactful. All designed to empower long term behavioural change in participants, which have lasting positive impacts on meeting organisational objectives.

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Understanding how human factors can impact performance is critical to being able to deliver a 'zero harm' approach. However skilled your team, there always needs to be a consideration for 'human limitations' and this is where human factors training comes into play.

Introducing human factors to leaders, managers and wider teams has been a core part of our approach over the years, with extensive experience in upskilling leaders to incorporate and role-model behaviour that brings out the best in everyone, and delivers results for organisations.

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We enable people to understand themselves better by using a variety of psychometric tools such as Insights, MBTI and Strengths to name a few. Once individuals understand their behaviour they can function better as part of a wider team, and we also use 360 feedback for greater insight from those they work with to support this.

These tools can be included in any of our training solutions, from teambuilding to talent programmes and coaching.

Measured Results

We believe results from learning interventions should be measured on outcomes and expectations, so we start every project looking at what the long-term objectives are. If you are aiming for a loyal and high performing team, then we will explore what that looks like for your business.

Engagement surveys, one to ones and feedback will often provide great results on expectations, whilst putting people first usually results in performance and profit results following shortly after.

We include an ongoing business project which ensures skills are practiced in the workplace, allowing individuals to bring their new skills and behaviours to life, whilst delivering results for the organisation.

Talk to us about linking programmes to ILM qualifications if this is part of your requirements.

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