A creative and personal
approach to leadership development.

Green Shed Talent Development enables managers to become the leaders they want to be.

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I'm Annette, and at Green Shed Talent Development we work with individuals, teams and organisations, empowering them to work at their full potential and reach their objectives.

The world we live and work in is changing, and so are the ways we want our leaders to succeed. To be really effective as a leader or manager, we have to help them to understand themselves, and play their leadership roles in a practical but human way. Better communication, useful skills and behaviour that results in productivity and efficiency all round.

Our combination of process, personality and practicality will upskill your teams to be the best they can be.

Leadership Skills For
High Performing Teams

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Innovative and creative solutions which will move your business forward, by nurturing people, fostering great teamwork and delivering effective results. Management development programmes that upskill your leaders to overcome the challenges of a changing world.

People Skills For
Technical Environments

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A customised approach for non-clinical skills in healthcare or technical roles, to support their leadership and people skills outside of the technical environment. Programmes that help teams to undertake their roles with more effective communication, understanding 'human factors', and developing better management skills that improve productivity.

More Solutions

1 to 1 Coaching

With fully qualified and results-driven coaches, we enable individuals to tap into their own potential and uncover skills and talents they are not using fully.


We offer a flexible approach to facilitation, working with you to design or simply deliver excellent learning that sticks.


We can boost your facilitation requirements with skills and experience using accredited NLP Practice.

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Any of this sound familiar?

  • Are your managers lacking in leadership?
  • Losing your best talent to competitors?
  • Struggling to develop and keep great talent?
  • Managers who are managing but not leading?
  • Disengaged teams or disengaged managers?
  • Need more trust in your workplace?
  • Struggling with poor communication?
  • Lacking motivation and direction?
  • Feeling stuck in your career?
  • Struggling to manage your team?
  • Lacking focus or motivation?
Green Shed Talent is a business based on connecting with people, and taking the time to talk before anything else. If you're feeling stuck and not sure what approach is right for you, let's connect over coffee and talk it through.

The Role Of Leadership In Enhancing Team Wellbeing

This is a 90 minute taster session for Leaders to kick-start their understanding of the need to role model behaviours that support individual and team wellbeing.

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